Old Photos

Enjoy these photos mostly of our grade school days.  Precious photos, precious kids, precious community!

Note:  If you have other class photos, submit them in the Message Forum and I will copy them here.  Please include school, grade, and teacher.  If anyone has corrections to any of these descriptions, please send a message to Scott Dixon with the corrected description and I will fix the problem.

Photo above: Adams 1st Grade, teacher: Mrs. Bigler


Photo above: Burton 1st Grade, teacher: Mrs. Larsen ?


Photo above: Adams 2nd Grade, teacher: Mrs. Madsen (left)



Photo above: Adams 3rd Grade, teacher: Mrs. Teuscher (left)


Photo above: Adams 4th Grade, teacher: Mrs. Kinghorn (right)


Photo above: Burton 4th Grade, teacher: ?

Photo above: Hibbard / Burton Grade ?: teacher: Mrs. Beattie


Photo above: Washington 5th Grade, teacher: Mr. Oswald (right)


Photo above: Burton 5th Grade, teacher: Mr. Ringel


Photo above: Washington 6th Grade, teacher: Mrs. Johnson


Photo above: Burton 6th Grade home room class, teacher: Mr. Cooper


Photo above: Washington 6th Grade, teacher: Mr. Pederson


Photo above: Washington 6th Grade, teacher: Mr. Pederson


Photo above: Burton 6th Grade, teacher: Mr. Ward


Photo above: Washington 6th Grade, teacher: Mr. Smith


Photo above: Burton ? Grade, teacher: Mr. Anderson


Madison High School graduating Class of 1966 on the East steps of the Rexburg Tabernacle.  Our Principal was Val Dalling (lower right)


Special Video:

Youtube video of grade school pictures and selected past reunions by Ellen Davenport Seader:  View


The picture above shows Madison H S under construction (lower left corner) circa 1955.  Our thanks to Randy Porter for providing the picture taken by his father.